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About my work

portfolio2Throughout my modules in first term of the second year :Research and Development in Fashion and Design and CAD/CAM, I have chose to make my collection based on chosen words like dark, minimal, oval, uneven and smooth. I found my inspiration trough primary research in nature and architecture and also in magazines or on Internet. During the CAD/CAM module, I have developed a passion for graphic design programs. They give me a large range of possibilities to represent my collection in a professional manner and create patterns and prints ready to use in production. These prints represented in my collection are extracted from architecture, animals and ink brushes. I really like to play with ink brushes and in here I have use them to create prints similar with animal print or tree leaves. I have used Photoshop mainly in creating my prints and Illustrator to generate my designs and Illustration. I was really fascinated about chameleon colors and skin texture that I have founded as uneven so I could have used it in generating some of my prints. I get my designs through design development from collages and mannequin tasks, as is represented in my portfolio.

Work Selection:
Study year 2014-2015

16 April 2014

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