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My target has been to introduce for the first time in Romanian textile market Tyvek Du Pont fabric which has as a main use outdoor printing.

I have designed and produced from this type of material (polyetilene 100%) clothes (sport and casual) and accessories such as shoes, bracelets, wallets, belts), all presented in the fashion show and on my presentation stand.

It has been a success as I have get many projects after this exhibition and lead me to a collaboration in designing clothes from Tyvek for DuPont Luxembourg in several projects.

 Worldwide DuPont Meeting

Barcelona, Spain, May 2007

fourI have presented all my concepts and creations from Tyvek suck as clothes, shoes, accessories, clothes cover protection, motorbike cover protection, CD envelopes, etc. Apart of waterproof properties, the diversity of  Tyvek types of materials makes Tyvek DuPont suitable for fashion as well.

Digital Marketing/ Sales in Fashion

Creative, LCCA Student Magazine

Which could be the newest gadget in digital marketing if not google glass?
This futuristic item get immediately involved in fashion from the very beginning.
Apart from being ”cool” wearing them in public, this gadget allows you to take photos and share them with the world instantly.
Further more, google glass have ben included in fashion shows such as Diane’s von Furstenberg shows and features models wearing Oscar de la Renta and Gucci.
However, this gadget will have a huge impact in fashion marketing and sales because it will become more popular with the public and used also as a tool in promote sales.

Brands will raise the digital bar higher from shoppable runways to digital fashion shows where social media platforms help organize rides and more for busy buyers, editors and bloggers.
Burberry was one of the earliest to live stream its show in 2009 and the first who offer a shoppable runway, followed by Marc Jacobs.
Alternatively, there is the Digital Fashion Shows platform, a very viable option for designers and an alternative to travelling from a city to another for collections.
Fashion industry has been changed by influence of websites as style.com who present latest fashion shows almost instantly so everybody can have access to latest trends and all designers work. As well as fashion blogs and face hunters such as Susie Bubble and Tavi Gevinson who record a big number of followers and they are currently contacted from brands to influence the sales though them blog posts.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 19.16.47
Some brands like Asos attract their customers through website fashion stylists who are available online to chat with online visitors and give advices about how to combine garments and why not influence the sales through a good knowledge of products, fashion is sold in a very smart and fun way.
The advantage of online shopping is you can shop at any time, midnight after you have finished your work or early morning in the bus going to work or school, you can read the fabric specifications of garments and check another items to fit your style, you can add and remove products from your basket before order and check the amount of your order before check out.
The disadvantage of online shopping could be that you can’t try the products on or have the feeling of the fabric if the specifications are not in the description of the item. However, this can be return it in case they don’t fit or like or you don’t just look all right on you.
The advantage of online shopping from my point of view is that I can buy on sales without travelling to the shop where most probably is very crowded and I do have to wait in a big queue to pay for my shopping.
The disadvantage would be that online I may not find all products available in the store because the most of the brands don’t add all their products for online shopping when they have reductions.
If you are shopping online at Asos for example, instead of looking long hours through all products to make an outfit, you can chat with fashion stylist available online on them website and apart of saving time, you get an professional advice too. Plus you are not alone when you are shopping.
But unfortunately, a stylist online is available online only in the daytime. Not great if you are a night shopper.

If I would be director at Asos, I would think about having a stylist for night shoppers too. Apart from this, I would try to increase the sales through marketing campaigns such as sales discounts offered to a person who will wear an outfit in a specific location and time and post it to Instagram.
Also, I would follow the bloggers advice to improve the aspect of website and services offered.
If I would be a director for Net-a-Porter, I would introduce google glass in marketing campaigns considering it is the newest gadget at present. I would also provide more information about the garments, similarly to honestbuy.com who are amazing through they details offered about fabrics, thread, buttons, labels and packaging and the costs involved for producing the garments. Also, they provide the name of the suppliers and where the garments have been produces.
I would also add on website a program to try the garments online uploading your own picture and see how you are going to look wearing that garments.

As a student, I have learned new possibilities in design using graphic design programs such as Photoshop and illustrator to create prints and also to generate drawings, which represent my collection.
I think it is very important to be up to date with the latest techniques and digital marketing is one of them.
This is an example how I have use digital media in my design represented in a design development board.

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16 April 2014

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