Monica Mardare

Graphic Design

Fashion and print designer based in London
What I do

I’m Monica, a fashion designer

I could say that design has always been a passion for me, that's why i made the decision to fully dedicate my time to pursuing it as a career.




I’m currently  in my least year of study of fashion design at London College of Contemporary Arts, improving my skills in Adobe Graphic Suite for graphic design. 

Tailored Design

All of my designs are unique, beeing on top of fashion trends and originality are vital in my practice.  


Along my career i’ve received several awards  and my works have been published in a couple of magazines. See the full list here .



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Completed Projects


Winning Awards

What I Do

This is a short overview and a breakdown of the things that i normally do in fashion design


Design Development

Agreeing on a general theme initially will set the guidelines for the design exploration. From that point onwards it’s down to the designers competence to draw out and develop that idea.

CAD/CAM Photoshop & Illustrator

Using graphic design programs is essential to create prints and also to generate drawings, which will eventually represent my final collections.

Garment manufacturing

A varied process ranging from pre production – sampling, sourcing of raw materials, and production –  cutting sewing etc. to post production – pressing, checking, folding and packing, shipment inspection.

Pattern cutting

An intermediary between the often-abstract world of the designer and the concrete processes of fashion manufacturing, it ranges from adapting a preset block pattern to tailoring a bespoke one on a mannequin.

Print design

The practical aspect of fashion design. It  involves drawing skills, cads, creating prints on requested theme, producing flat drawings in illustrator.


I focus on a broad variety of fashion specialities such as: mens wear, womens wear, womens lingerie kids wear,  jewellery and accessories.


My philosophy

The following principles are the guiding elements of my work.


Micro nature, Ink, Japanese art, I do like minimalism and futurism and I appreciate the work of Voji Yamamoto, Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh.


I am constantly working to improve my skills, working with the existing technique or developing new ones, so I will be original in my design explorations.


Being involved in the fashion community is essential, participating creatively as much as i can means a great deal to me .

My Work

This is a selection of my work. Browse my most recent projects below.

Or click here to download my portfolio

People that i’ve worked with

A selection of people and businesses that I have collaborated with.

Anton Mircea

UX & Digital designer

Monica is a great, talanted and dedicated fashion designer. Having her on your team would be a definite gain.  

Anton MirceaNeuronstudio
Jackson Netto

Marketing Communications & Student Engagement Executive

15th March 2014

Monica Mardare is a pleasure to work with. She produces professional, eye catching and innovative fashion print designs. Her latest article on this topic has been featured in the second edition of Creative, London Contemporary College of Arts student magazine.. Her resume and portfolio in this field is impressive and she is always keen to get involved.

Jackson NettoLondon College of Contemporary Arts
Celsa Efroni

Managing Director

20th March 2014

Monik is an absolute pleasure to work with, not only is she very good at what she does but has a fantastic attitude and works to the brief fantastically with her added touch of Monik creativity 

Celsa EfroniS7INS
Phillip Bosley

Programme Leader FE Fashion

25th March 2014

 I have known Monica in a professional environment for the past year, during that time she has proven herself to be a hard working, creative and intelligent individual, with excellent interpersonal skills. I would fully recommend and support Monica on future opportunities

Phillip BosleyCroydon School of Art

  • Client

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If you are interested to find out more about what i do or you think we could work together don't be shy and drop me a line